Elegant Decor Lighting

Also known as "uplighting"

Beautiful decorative lighting that will turn even the most plain room into something truly special. You can choose a single color, or gently fade between several colors, bathing the walls in a soft, romantic glow. The colors are programmable, and can even be adjusted to match your dress, linen, or theme colors. Watch our decor lighting video to see some of the amazing things they can do! Anywhere from mild to wild, you choose.

Here is a demo to show what color changing uplighting can do

This video shows what can be done with color changing uplighting, but in an empty room.

Here is what it looks like at a real party!

Three walls have single color decor uplighting, and the fourth wall behind the DJ has color changing uplights that look the same as the others during cocktails and dinner, but come to life and move to the music during the dancing part of the evening!

More real party video with 5 Star lights and moving uplights behind.

These are just some of the colors and effects we get with moving uplights!
Call for Prices: 847-639-STAX

4 decor lights, single color
6 decor lights, single color
12 decor lights, single color
24 decor lights, single color
36 decor lights, single color
6 decor lights, color changing
12 decor lights, color changing
24 decor lights, color changing
36 decor lights, color changing