Dance Floor Monogram

Also known as "Your Name In Lights"

An elegant and fun option that we offer is the Dance Floor Monogram or “Your Name in Lights”. Normally the dance floor is the largest un-decorated space during a wedding reception or corporate event. You can add your special touch to the dance floor with “Your Name in Lights”. Many styles and fonts to choose from. Your lighted monogram can be fixed (facing one direction), or rotate slowly.

This decor option is called many different things: dance floor monogram, your name in lights, initials on the dance floor, logo in lights, monogram in lights, lighted monogram, and more. These all refer to the same effect. It is also great for your birthday party, anniversary, class reunion, company party, holiday party, barmitzvah, batmitzvah, school dance, prom, homecoming, etc. The lettering does not need to be a monogram, it can be any message you wish that will fit.